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Hi, I’m Marcia. Welcome to my newsletter!

I’m a singer/songwriter, living in Nashville , TN. I love making music, whether it’s writing songs, traveling around the world on a tour, or singing in the studio... it’s all a creative place I love to be. You can find out more about my music life on my other website:

I’m also a podcast host, a new author, and the Executive Director of God and My Girlfriends Ministries. As I grow older, I’ve found that life is all about relationships and I hope to help encourage and support others as they seek to enhance the relationships in their own lives.

I recently started this newsletter as a place to write about my faith journey and I hope that sharing my story might help others. My faith has had a huge affect on my other relationships— especially the relationship I have with myself. Too many years of feeling like I was unworthy and couldn’t trust my own feelings left me lost and disconnected — from God and from myself. Over the last few years I’ve been on a journey to deepen my relationship with God, myself and others and I know many of you are in the same space. I hope this will be a place to have honest and respectful conversation together. I’m so glad you are here.

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Singer/Songwriter, Author, Speaker, Host of the "God and My Girlfriends" podcast - Author of "God, My Girlfriends and Me: Nurturing the Three Most Important Relationships in a Woman's Life" - release date: Dec 1st, 2022