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Dearest Marcia…as the sister of James Casto I’ve had the opportunity to meet you on several occasions. I recently ordered your book but have not yet had the opportunity to read it but am looking so forward to doing so. I just wanted to thank you, to let you know how deeply this blog post touched me. Having “accepted Christ” at a Baptist youth retreat when I was 15 I spent the past 46 years involved in or working for ministries, attending church, Bible studies, etc. From day one I had questions (as I am a seeker) and was shut down by those in positions of authority. I learned not to ask but my questions were merely buried, not gone. When Covid hit and my husband brought it home from playing on worship team where several were sick I took a step back. I was caring for our mother and it was my responsibility to protect her so I sheltered in place after recovering from my bout with Covid. Best thing that ever happened to and for me! For years I had felt the tug (perhaps need) to step away from church (not God but the organized Americanized church). I found it to be a distraction from a real relationship with God for me. I’ve been “deconstructing” as they say for the past few years and I’ve never felt more authentic nor have I ever had such peace. I am loving this new journey of discovery and am so grateful for your voice, your words that speak my heart. I can’t wait to read more and to start reading “God, my Girlfriends and Me”!!

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