Oct 25, 2021 • 44M

Friendships and The Enneagram w/Liz Perez, LMFT

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Women are born nurturers, but they sometimes overlook nurturing the three most important relationships in their lives: their relationships with God, their girlfriends, and themselves. Join host Marcia Ramirez and her guests as they discuss ways to help enhance our spiritual lives, strengthen our friendships, and learn how to take better care of ourselves too!
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Many people love using the Enneagram as a self-discovery tool, but it's also a wonderful way to enhance our relationships, including our friendships!  Join host, Marcia Ramirez and her guest,  LMFT and Certified Enneagram Teacher, Liz Perez as they discuss ways to use the Enneagram to learn about one another and nurture compassion in our friendships.

Liz Perez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who developed a passion for teaching the Enneagram after experiencing the growth it brought in her marriage, parenting and, most importantly, relationships. Liz trained at the Narrative Enneagram Worldwide Institute and is equipped to teach the Enneagram, help others find their type, lead panels and work with teams using this tool.

“The Enneagram has given me greater compassion and awareness around my motivations and those of others, and how I can continue to grow,” said Liz. “It is my privilege to now use my background and skillset as a therapist to bring this tool to our community.”

Liz’s background and extensive training as a therapist bring an exceptional layer of depth and insight to her work that her Enneagram clients appreciate. In addition to establishing her private therapy practice and teaching the Enneagram to the community, Liz is part of the brave leadership team that is launching Spero Dei, a progressive church community in Nashville, TN. These professional accomplishments aside, however, Liz is most proud of raising two emotionally intelligent children and being married to her husband for 28 years.

Liz’ site: https://yourenneagramtherapist.com/



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